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Hello, thank you for visiting Eleanor's musical page. Of all the pages on the internet you chose to open this one just now. Eh, you could have done worse!

Shame on you! No, I'm so sorry. Shame on me!

Now we begin the (over)sharing of a collection of songs under the umbrella title "Alphabet"!

Rejoice and be glad! (((Cornet fanfare)))

We here at Eleanor demo and re-demo songs constantly in the hopes that no one ever hears how bad they are, and alphabetizing tapes is the simple way our fearless leader (me-Brendan)(it's all about me) make sense of exactly what the hell is recorded on any given tape.

Tapes get marked with a date and capital letter and are stored in cardboard boxes at our luxurious rehearsal space by none other than our self obsessed mushroom of a frontman (again-me). The boxes are kept at a comfortable 65 degrees and kept high up on a loft safe from all manner of roving marauders and flood water. If you see me out on the scene, call my parents Brian and/or Kathleen to come pick me up and take me home. (Their numbers can be found in my phone, which can be found in my right coat pocket. But only my dad drives so probably just call him.)

"Work 16 hours standing up and your legs will grow more legs."

Every so often over the course of these next few weeks, as winter passes into spring, we will release a pair of tracks on this page to share with the wider world to listen to. Two new songs served up on a bed of basmati rice and fresh garden wegetables. Think of them as double A-sides. Or as A side/B-side's. Or better yet don't think of them that way. That means nothing on a website. Until we pooch together a handful of cassette tapes for sale will those terms actually apply. Vinyl? Forget about it..

Now for some behind the scenes access available only to premium members such as yourself:

The guitars, drums, and bass guitar were recorded in October 2014* in our vaunted practice space -Room 13 at Northside Music- onto a Tascam Mk III 4 track tape machine. Top of the line stuff. Don't mess.

Vocals were then recorded later in December at Continental Recording Studios under Sith Lord Mike Gevaza, with groveling assistance from his brother Matt. Music was fed directly off of the tapes through Mike's assortment of like totally awesome gear and melded together through the miracles of modern computer technology. WOW!

Thank you for reading all the way through this piece of garbeige, and thank me for writing it.

*except when it didn't happen like that.

"Young kids need exercise and group activities to keep them healthy and open minded so they can develop their hearts and minds. Take care of your families and yourselves and you will reap a great harvest indeed."


released February 22, 2015

Peter Cernauskas - Drumming drums, pouting, shrugging, chin scratching, opinion'ing, payroll, and the weather at 11.
Brendan Morris- Guitaring, singing, bassing, engineering, catering, technical assistance, kneading, producing, life coaching, sport rehabing, goalie'ing, market analysis, legal eagle, and cat-walking.
Mike Gevaza - Mixing and Production, evil-works etc..
Matt Gevaza - Engineering, grooving out like a good time Charlie, that's it!



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Eleanor New York, New York

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