Praise Infinite Light


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released July 6, 2012

Brendan Morris- Guitars, Vocals
Peter Cernauskas- Drums, Percussion

Mastered, Mixed, and Engineered by Phil Moffa at Butcha Sound Studios

Produced by Brendan Morris and Peter Cernauskas
Lyrics by Brendan Morris

Artwork by Patrick Winfield

Photo by Crystal Lopez



all rights reserved


Eleanor New York, New York

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Track Name: Pins and Needles
People say oh they do,
that you are born that you are new,
born under a sky freshly bruised,
with a crack and a boom,
you've gone green black and blue.

His eyes pulled wide telling me how ya grew,
how ya use left and right already teething your spoon,
but you're gone in a flash across a bright violent sky.
I'd have held you then if I thought it would keep you in line.

Now I just watch when you return,
to scatter my weather and let the sky burn.

Pray for me oh pray for me,
the cash I keep it's a quick release,
pray for me oh pray for me
the cash I keep I keep I keep

Well people say oh what can you do?
Let the sun dry him out if he's come home to you,
but if he's laid up in bed in darkness consumed,
bring a light to his bedside and speak your truth.

It's alright it's okay, why do you walk so proud
at the end of a long long day?
Oh in your chest that hole bursting like spider eggs.
Drop down in the dark, make a home at my door,
but you're looking at my face like you've never seen it before

Why do you look at me that way momma? I am the one, I am the one that you remember running under so many summer suns, oh out on the street some days momma, oh out on the street where the poor men meet, and the hot concrete would rip apart your feet

Hope and forgiveness, hope and forgiveness,
pins and needles, pins and needles
Track Name: Gather Together Again
You let all your considered thoughts
Hold and temper your heart
Before you'd even let me start

There's a poison in your mouth
Afraid to kill me if you have to shout
So you shake it off and remove all doubt

Oh but I step where I may
And I open my hands to receive the day
But I hang my head in a longing gaze
Reading the stories flashing across your face

So in the places where you hid
Lost underneath your lulling eyelids
Everything in there I couldn't keep
You carry it with you as you fall asleep

But don't you, don't you hem me in
I am a cable cut, place your palm on the counter top
And let yourself gather together again.
Track Name: Clock Tower
A clock tower about a hundred feet high
Fell down on me, and wiped the songs from my memory
And oh I'm desperate for them now,
Yeah I'm pawing at the ground
All those memories and those sounds
Its face first and then I drown

I bubble up an I fill each lung
They distend from the weight
That Id never dare replace
Do I need them anymore?
No I don't believe I do
So if you hear that chiming too
Yeah the clock towers already on top of you
Track Name: Gone For The Nurses
She's gone, gone for the nurses
Tearing down hallways, barely making the turns
Shout aloud in need of assistance
EMTs are heard in the distance
Ruby red passenger seat
But it's he smell that really panics me

Oh i left her off
At the bus stop this morning
And I am going to die now

Boomerang called back again
It's a bad feeling she gets
Peer thru the keyhole
Press her ear to the door
Sweetie please get back in your seat
You're tearing apart your family
Go out in the other room
And find yourself something to do

Your cousins want to play with you
All vapor this is all an indication
It's only fleeting, only fleeting
Upon arriving, already leaving

Oh I went out for a drive
After I left her at school
Fish tailed into the divide
The last thing keeping me alive
Track Name: Peace Made and Done
Peace made and done
Put upon to me
Offered up each new year
Hold me under the arms
Throw me in the air
Each formerly remembered story
From those old blessed days
Reaching out for the twine
Bt I know it's not mine
Floating mothers day balloon

I like the feeling
To think he's growing up right
Though it shames me to think
of where I was all that time
But just as well
For I probably would have
Left him little more than plastic to push around
So each old awning I run under
To escape the rain
Each hanging glance
Denies any disgrace
I paralyzed and left to time
Peace made and done, put upon to me
Track Name: Sleeping On My Hands
You can hear it in the way her voice cracks
Reflections dissolving across a parking Cadillac
That her father had been driving since he punched out last
Wheels stop revolving a voice so disarming
wonders why she ever got so mad

Here I am again
Here I am again
Sleeping on my hands

It's not my fault
No it's not on me!

Up and I'm waking to see you there waiting
Startled you made me, my calf you were shaking
Said shake shake a leg, lift up your head
We made it like I said and you're not even dead
Yet! I replied square in his eye
I dreamt i could fly without having to try
And what what did you see, did you feel your memories?
The setting and the scene, yeah your present history reigns

I will tell you then
When I'm sleeping on my hands

It's not my fault
No it's not on me!
Track Name: Kaleidoscoping
The life around my eyes
Pulls so heavily
Ran circles for years
At hiccup up up pace
Our sneakers sweating secrets to read
Police suits pressed so neat
If they'd only spare their patience
Then they might be able to see
Magnets pulling metal shavings
All across my face

Brothers and sisters
Lording over their stoop
Charades and games
All they want to do
In the place they were raised
It's apart of them the very same
And suddenly it's there
The past they share
The static shooting through their hair
Get a few hours in
Before that pounding down the steps
Track Name: Coil
I swear it isn't you
There's not a thing
I'd ever ask of you
So please make your way
With all you need
I can feel my courage crash
And watch as it recedes.

I don't feel like myself
But I'm perfectly calm
But I'm perfectly calm

Baby when you kiss me
I burn just like a coil
In the bulb beside your bed
The filament inside my head
In your glow now I could see
That it's worth all the energy
Blessed be and all it brings
Reveals the color of all things

When my chest rises and falls
I keep my fingers laced
Well i know it now
I'm not given my time
To lay around and wait
No matter how much I use to think
That things would be that way

I don't feel like myself
But I'm perfectly calm
But I'm perfectly calm

So I set myself to whistling
And i find the warmth of June
Walking trails and breezy leaf
I am my own best company
Buckled knees and polished boots
And I know just what I'm supposed to do
Double time to two by two
Forget I fell apart over you

I don't feel like myself
But I'm perfectly calm
Track Name: Praise Infinite Light
Even in my dream, found and free, grandmotherly
Terrible sunshine made you stand for a photograph
Against the widest wall, demure eyes, roped around mine
Try another pose, lower your hands, find yourself close

But even in my dream,
I just can't believe
There's nothing left for me,
But to burn a peace of mind
Charred newspaper pages
Sailing down from the sky

Underneath that old lamplight
At a parish carnival one night
Well I sang a song and found my voice
Sing those hymns to the sky

Praise infinite light
Fast faces flush and bright
I'm all embers glowing inside
So fold your hands into mine

Rolled us out and spread us flat
Held four corners, pressing thumbtacks
Up against the widest wall
To follow along with the lines

Praise infinite light
Fast faces flush and bright
The colors streaking inside
Can't wash them out of my life
So fold your hands into mine
So fold your hands into mine
I'm all embers inside,
Praise infinite light!
Track Name: I Shutter
There the sunlight stands but then it kneels
It caught you shot right through the dirty glass
Crooks it's neck and pours right in over the window sill
It fell and left you beaming I can see you now

I am wondering how
I am wondering how
How the shake and the shutter
Could shatter yet another
I am wondering now
I am wondering now
If I'll trip before I stutter
If I'll hit the ground

Your family had a small dark garage
no room for the car
We'd hide from the light and pass around smokes
and laugh at your jokes
Can I come over tomorrow?
No you're not allowed
We can't go back since they all found out
sorry I can't talk right now

I am wondering how
I am wondering how
How the shake and the shutter
Could shatter yet another
I am wondering now
I am wondering now
If I'll trip before I stutter
If I'll ever hit the ground

I Shutter, I close
I throw the sheet metal down
and lock the store away
I Shutter, I fold
I surrender, I'll go

Yeah well a smattering of laughs
Ran all across my back
And down the length of my arm
I'm shaking and shuffling cards
Track Name: Silence Is Breaking
Following without oh wont you listen to me now
Prattle falling from my mouth
Belies a hard affection that never makes a sound
When it falls apart at the seams
The words dissolve that don't mean anything
So why are these nettles racing all over me
Just to hear you speak is extraordinary

Silence is breaking
So say what you mean
Silence is breaking
You can hear everything

When you come home scared
Cause you're sure you're not alone
Conversation more than you can bare
Kick off your shoes and run up the Stairs
Sing the names of those
Sing your part and push the note
Sing by the cheek and the open ear
Sing to sleep this passing year.

Silence is breaking
So say what you mean
Silence is breaking
You can hear everything
But if you occupy your hands
And stare at the ground
Arresting pressing adjectives
Adverbs and nouns
The life will leave my hands
And my fingers will curl
And I'll leave this place
And I'll return to the word.