by Eleanor

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released August 30, 2009

Eleanor is:

Peter Cernauskas- Drums
Frankie McCabe- Bass
Brendan Morris- Guitar, Vocals

Recorded Spring/Summer 09 to Tascam 414.
Mixed by Brendan and Alex Last at 21 Harrison Avenue.
Mastered by Phil Moffa at Butchasound Studios NYC.



all rights reserved


Eleanor New York, New York

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Track Name: Empathy
God grant me empathy.
Please try and make a
better person out of me.
Should you ever get a chance,
You'll never get a better chance at a person
that'd make a better person that made a better person.

God grant me empathy
and as you can see,
there's a fist a the end of my arm.
Here I hear you come
won't you break it apart,
and keep me from harm
at the length of my arm.

Hand on my neck
Words at my ear
I think I get you now
I think you've made yourself clear.
Track Name: I Wanna Learn About You and Your Building
You think you're high
wait til inside
trying to live
a real life.

Feel the vibration
on screen
feel apart of the team.
Feel apart of the team
on the morning machines,
in the lobby of a building

Whisper through the bricks
up and down the bricks.
Press your lips to the hole in the sink
and let those secrets slip.
Videos oh vadeos
I had so many tricks.

Did you feel that apparition lifting?
I wanna learn about you and your building.
Track Name: Thru the Wire
I met a girl weeks ago
In that old digital glow
and as the evidence shows
I'm dying to meet her
yeah I'm dying to meet her
I don’t know how
I could greet her
She was soft balling
and bored with her games
So I gave her some
bottles of paint
Let them drip and spread
make a lasting exchange
It'll do ya some good
it could give ya the light
You're looking around
Raspberry eyes
you've got
that look around
you could get the light
I knew a girl who spoke in tongues
she spoke of a future of a love
where any connection you could possibly make
would be electronically charged for
ten dollars a day.
Track Name: Queen of Alaska
You only like the old songs
from the TV you knew
you get the time,
spend it riding around
in grandfather’s canoe
what? It’s something to do
that’s what you said to me
all these years I’ve been told you see

Praise the saints, exalt their names

You’ve got a rotten smell
coming up your nose
you think how does it go?
Well, she’s got big brown
kisses to blow
Throw em down
landing on you
and all you’ve got to say is

Praise the saints, exalt their names
Manna from Heaven! Queen of Alaska!
Track Name: Georgia Mars
Georgia Mars lives inside her house
hidden from the rain.
But when she needs to be outside,
she runs to the alleyway.
yes she does.

Jump in the puddles
splash in the water
Hot breath hanging in the air.

She watches it float
until it disappears

Then she breathes again
and is no longer scared (repeat)

Georgia notices the vent
smoking too
Up from the basement
laundry room
A house must be like a person
she decides
It's lungs are in the basement
and its windows are the eyes.

She must see the rows of
friends that surround
These old houses
funneling rain to the ground.
Georgia dances and leaps
at the thought
as she grows old
she can take all that she's got
Pour it where she may
like she never forgot

Those storm clouds tell her
what she ought
In all these years since
it's all she's ever sought.
Track Name: Let Him Tally
If you ever saw your mother riding by
balancing the handle bars and holding a pizza pie
Underneath a panoramic azure skyline
and a news helicopter from channel 9
(you'd know)

Full key chain and greasy jeans
Two dollar pack of pipe smoke screens
and some long looping dream,
was all I never really needed due me.
(sink or swim)

Let him Tally/ Let him Go/ Let him Tally/

Old boardwalk made in 1921
People on that boardwalk
sure do know to have their fun.
Planks of wood, battered down
and caked with come.
Let em down, nail em down
down into the ground.
Let the boardwalk break
Let it take you to the brink
where you can fall, swim, or sink
Let shit hit the fan,
let it go, let it be written
in the yellow sand

Sink or swim

Let him Tally/ Let him Go/ Let him Tally...
Track Name: Over the Moon
one generation appears
behind the other
following along your
sisters and your brothers.

one generation disappears
acting like the other
tilting back to swallow the water.

getting burnt
jumping over the moon
landing hard
on top of a roof
over the moon.
Track Name: The Dividing Line
wrap yourself in the skin
of the trappers you've been following
Hang on either side of the line
Throw it over the line
your old clothesline
throw your clothes over the line
and let it decide
To those above
who live in accordance with the line
to those below, you know
who couldn’t have the time
to make their mind or decide
Children it’s defense and all the rest
you build it up and
you put it out there
on that side of the line
It’s where it left you
Throw some barbs over the line
see who can lie
It’s me whose allowed
to get the time
get in line, half time.
It was something to do
as long as you knew that it followed you
through the dividing line.
It’s an easier time making up your mind
and seeing if you'll try
On this kind of line
where the clothes can hang and dry
I’m playing a lie
ya gotta play sometime
on the dividing line.
Track Name: Street Fair
long before bob's pets
burned from the inside out
the cops would always
stop and mull around
at any festive sound
some strange things
yeah id see it around
magic riding across
from the crown
or the commerce and gossip
that'd be passed in the streets
the praise and the credence
given to such cheats
it makes my mind reel
and feel incomplete.

i only make mention
to say exactly what I want to mean
because the life that passed in my mind
seemed so dear to me
and that im gone from it now
i want only to return
waves of people
across the bandshell
Track Name: Back Pain
Blue morning on wooden way
the sweat on the pillow
and the red aching back pain
wasn’t sure if he could even manage
stay in bed man or stay there stranded.
but rock n roll, the ringing phone
why pick it up, gonna let it drone
give it to me man one more time
how you doing man
me I’m doing just fine.
its his boy on the other line
says he's writing poems in moonlight
speaks secret dreams to his wife
oh you know im doing just fine
wide open blue sky
dropping its light
down through curtains white
The crags the crags in his eyes
says its all he can ever see
ever see ever see ever see
is back pain.